TaxDay shortfall, Obama to Loot 401Ks to prop up Federal budget.

Posted on April 15, 2010 by


So it seems that no matter what this administration does they cannot find enough TAX dollars to support the new NANNY STATE.  Well we already know that they consider your money you have as on loan to you form the government.
No its not your money silly.  I do not care you worked hard for it.  It is not yours!

Just ask any democrat. They will be glad to explain how the money belongs to the communist collective leader the Obey now.  But yours?  Who are you kidding?

So whats next? Oh how about your 401K that looks TA$TY.

With close to $13 TRILLION dollars in PRIVATE retirement funds the Obama administration is simply DROOLING to get at your retirement funds.
Well here is how they plan to take YOUR 401k.

And given enough time……..

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