Arizona and IIRAIRA Section 287(g) ~ What your state can do NOW!

Posted on April 30, 2010 by


Street Cleaning

Two documents have surfaced that show that the states other than Arizona have an option to take on Illegal Immigration NOW.  Sanctioned by the Federal Government as well as a 5 week training program and certification by ICE.  Its all legal and no Leftist progressive democrat can cry RACISM.  Not to mention the law has already been challenged in the Supreme Court and SCOTUS ruled it is CONSTITUTIONAL.

The documents in question were obtained by Judicial Watch.  It is an article from ‘Opinion’ News, written by Tim Fitton, “Border Problems Shift north“.

The second is a document obtained via FOIA that shows the ALREADY PASSED federal law.  This document shows 287(g) works when the law is actually used.  The document goes back to statistics from September 30 1996.  Local agencies in 5 states have already used the article 287(g) to start clearing out illegal immigrants from there communities.

According to ICE, the cross-designation training, “allows these local and state officers: necessary resources and latitude to pursue investigations relating to violent crimes, human smuggling, gang/organized crime activity, sexual-related offenses, narcotics smuggling and money laundering; and increased resources and support in more remote geographical locations.”

So wake up America.  We can do this with out all the divisive RACE baiting from the left.  Lets contact our local sherriffs departments and ask them to sign up for the program for there officers.  The program lasts five weeks and costs approximately $520 per officer.  The fact that we will be removing illegals from our jail cells will pay the traingi fee over and over again.  This can be done NOW.  We can have trhese programs in place and working in less than two months.

It’s time to act now America.  The tools were given to us by Bill Clinton in 1996.  LET US USE THEM! Call your local sherriffs office and DEMAND 287 (g) for your community today!