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Oh Joy.  Is pay to breathe next.  If you own 2 vehicles and you and your spouse drive more than a combined 40k miles a year this could cost you an additional $80.00 dollars if your cars are not 30 mpg, most are about half that.  The litany of things they want to get Carbon credits for is ridiculous!  This has to be stopped.  IT is a SCAM of epic proportions

How much does Carbon Offsetting cost? Price survey!

Example: a mid-sized 30 mpg car driving 12,000 miles/year will create about 3.55 tons of CO2/year. Using the carbon calculator of one of the companies which are listed here, we figured this would cost only about $19.50 or $1.63/month to be offset! Please take into account that depending on the project, it may take from several to many years before the offset actually brings your CO2 balance to zero. This means that CO2 pollution will still increase and will need some years to get to zero. Also, do not forget that other pollution is also involved (noise, other chemicals) and may not be reduced to zero by offsetting. Offsetting is not a free ticket to business as usual!

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It is up to each of us to clean our own mess, obviously the government can’t and won’t do it (alone). Signing up with any of these programs might effectively reduce your CO2 contributions to ZERO! (All prices in US$ or British Pound where indicated)

Also please note that the prices quoted … well they are subject to change.  “prices change and exchange rates fluctuate. The data listed was first gathered from the respective websites July 21, 2006“.  I am sure they would never tinker with the amount of carbon in the atmosphere so we could say …. create a Carbon Bubble!! Oh My!  Carbon bubbles for everyone!
$10.00 Yes Renewables, Efficiency, Reforestation Yes Home, Car, Air, Events, Business Environmental Resources Trust, Climate Community and Biodiversity Standards, Chicago Climate Exchange, UNFCCC JI

If you go to the page please notice the list of foreign companies trading in the USA based CCX scam looter exchange.

Carbon Footprint Offsetters

The CarbonNeutral Company

Cleaner Climate
UK & Australia

Climate Friendly

Enviro Friendly Products


Carbon Clear

Bleu Ventures Carbon Offset

All these companies are all part of the Global Scam to bring forward a one world government.  The New world order as first defined by George Bush 1

You can see the entire chart of fees here. >> Carbon Emissions Offset Directory – Price study of offsetting emissions of carbon.

Here are more companies, (some are listed above) involved in this scam.

Offset Now !ClearSky Climate Solutions - for our shared future. Trees, Water & People - Carbon OffsettingCarbon Reduction InstituteClear - Carbon Offsets through United Nations CERs

And I found more here to choose from.