Crime inc. ~ 'Green Scheme' ~ A Global Scam.

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“In the U.S., the Treasury Department estimates that the president’s cap-and-trade approach would “generate federal receipts on the order of $100- to $200 billion annually.” The Congressional Budget Office reports that a 15 percent CO2 reduction would cost an average household $1,600 a year.”  <<< That is YOU America!  Along with a Health Care Mandate.  Oh My, another 5% roll back on the Evil Bush Regimes tax cuts.   Whatcha got left….? Ok, Inflation will take that from you so no worries.  We will all be slaves to the new Global governemnt.

How it Allegedly Works

“For nations that have signed the Kyoto Protocol, which holds each country to its own C02 limit, greenhouse gas-emissions trading is mandatory. In the United States, which did not sign the environmental agreement, corporate participation is voluntary for emissions schemes such as the Chicago Climate Exchange. Yet a few general principles apply to each type of market.”

“Under a basic cap-and-trade scheme, if a company’s carbon emissions fall below a set allowance, that company can sell the difference—in the form of credits—to other companies that exceed their limits.” (

Source : Green Scheme is Greatest Scam on Earth.