Joel Rogers – a founder of the New Party – Crashing the Parties

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Below is more information on the architect of Cap and Trade.  The financial scam that goes with the big lie.  I have written a few articles on this under ‘Crime Inc‘. section of my blog this week.  What I have here is more on Joel Rogers.  It is but a small excerpt of a 7 page long article.

An interview with Joel Rogers taken in October 1996 by John Nichols. It was the featured cover story for “The Progressive”  What appears today to be a Daily Kos lite far left ‘progressive or nothing’ style blog

The article was not found in a traditional search, it is stored on an archiving server.  The link to the full article follows the text from the excerpt of the article shown below.  What you see is an answer to one of Nichols’ questions to Joel Rogers .

Nichols : Q: What would the program of this new progressive movement be?

Rogers : ………As examples of democratic reforms, you want to reward those who work and invest here and not to reward those who are simply moving resources out of the country. You want to liberate the worker-owners of $5 trillion in assets–pensions, 401-K plans–to actually be real owners, in the sense of being able to dispose of those assets and to direct them in certain ways. When you compare us with other countries, we are put to shame by the avenues that are provided to move capital in directions that actually help society and the individual.

So, where I see things going is much more toward a shareholder democracy, a shareholder capitalism.

Follow this link for the complete 7 page interview Joel Rogers – a founder of the New Party – Crashing the Parties – Cover Story – Interview.