Crime inc ~ Glenn Beck uses video I found of Joel Rogers on his show

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The bombshell video of Joel Rogers explaining that no matter what we do to stop or slow Global Warming is my original find.  with Crime inc coming out on Becks show my determination to find as much as I could had me digging on all the names from and that I found using their network building tools.  One name I kept seeing was Majora Carter.   Seems she is tied to almost all the Green Groups.  So I started searching on her name using search engine.

Buddy did I ever find a video of  her.  It was Majora Carter and …. JOEL ROGERS!  OMG!  I was floored when I watched the whole video.  It was this 56 min that kept me bent all weekend.  I played  it over and over.  It was like your favorite movie that gets in your head and after a while you know the script by heart.

This was a bombshell admission from “The Wizard” as Glenn Like to call him.  He spoke about the futility of actually stopping Man Made Global Warming.  I could not wait for the start of the week to see if Glenn got my tweets about the video.

Sure enough on Monday morning he plays the EXACT spliced audio from my youtube video I sent him via twitter on his radio show.   I hoped to see it on his TV program Monday but I think they wanted a little better quality and went after the original version of the video to use on TV.  Well Glenn finally showed the killer clip and I am so glad to know my work was used to help expose this scam.  I have labored many day s and hours doing this.

I am NOT a journalist.  I am merely a regular PISSED off AMERICAN with a laptop, some web servers and a few years experience working online.  I do not claim to know how to author interesting articles that can keep you glued to your seat and hanging on every word but I do know how to find useful information online.  You simply cannot use standard techniques to find stuff.  Google it… yea right!  WTFE!,,, The two best resources for finding out who knows who though are and

Remember this as you dig for your dirt on Google……..  AL GORE is on the board for Google.

The original video was on Google video but a search of Joel Rogers would not bring up that clip until after this weekend.  Hmm….  I wonder why that is?  Well without patting myself on the back any more, here is the segment from the Glenn Beck show last night that contains a portion of the Joel Rogers video I located.

I have also found that this video is now linked to the Sean Hannity forums as well.

If you have a website post this video link on your site.
If you do not have a site then email the link to everyone you know.
This is the original video Glenn Beck uses on his radio show and TV show.