Google will read your power meter

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So everyone, that is not asleep or dead, is raising hell about the Climate Bill Cap and Trade Legislation American Power Act.  Ok yea so whats the big deal?  How are they going to know how much time your 16 year old daughter spends drying her hair everyday?  How could they tell if you are still using incandescent light builb?


Well you might be surprised.  That hair dryer your daughter uses, opposed to say a rechargeable battery pack on the wall will be taxed differently, this is done to NUDGE your behavior into what the government would prefer you to do.  So you thought power was power right?  It comes in on a wire and you use it listening to sports radio and watching Olberdolt or Madcow spew racist hate on MsNBC right?  Nope you ain’t seen nothing yet!  This is a global power grab for everybody’s freedom and financial liberty.

Obama and his cronies have been working this scam a long time.  Thanks to international players like Maurice Strong, the local players like Joel Rogers, Van Jones and oh yes, Obama can make some bank on climate change.

See they have already put the price mechanism in place.  Items like that Hair dryer and your electric water heater will have a different tax rate assigned to them than say an Energy Star rated appliance.  You can read about the Cost Rate Tables here.  It even includes information on how much your cost to drive your car will increase, not withstanding fuel cost at the pump.  So how are they going to tell what you have plugged in you ask?  Well lets Google it and see!

Google has clearly been eager to move into helping manage energy consumption — announcing a partnership with GE for smart grid technology last year — and will be able to use its long history of developing consumer facing services to streamline the interface. So how does it work?

Although Google is not mentioned in the “American Power Act” it is currently the only provider of the “Power Meter” technology devised to work with technology Franklin Raines purchased while still at Fannie Mae designed to work with this new technology for the CCX.

Franklin Raines, Obama’s boy, made $90 million at Fannie and now is behind the technology at the Chicago Climate Exchange.  The U.S. Patent was granted the day after the Democrats took control in 2006.
WHAT A COINCIDENCE. Other conspirators include Al Gore and three former Goldman execs.

But with Google’s history of organizing the world’s information, how could it resist the most important data of our time — energy data, which through smart organization could be used to help fight climate change? And as opposed to its $45 million investments in other energy-related start ups and its plug-in vehicle project, energy data management could actually be one of the only places where Google plans to generate revenues.

Silver Spring Networks: Billed as the Cisco of the smart grid, Silver Spring Networks, sells IP-based software and hardware to connect utilities and customers across the power grid. Founded in 2002 the company has raised $75 million, led by the green VC folks at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

General Electric Smart Meter

GE: GE makes a variety of hardware and software for smart meters, and the conglomerate has won several large utilities deals for smart meter deployments as of late. Northern California utility PG&E is installing 3.3 million GE smart meters in California, and American Electric Power plans to install an initial 200,000 smart meters, with an end goal of 5 million users by 2015.

Did you know that Jeffrey R. Immelt of GE stands to make a fortune from all the climate tax rigging that makes up this scam.  And you can see from the ties of Jeffrey R. Immelt it goes right to the top.  Have fun with the muckety map, bring some popcorn!  These guys are all part of the biggest scam ever developed.

President Obama has called for the installation of 40 million smart meters and 3,000 miles of transmission lines.

Google Jumps Into Organizing Smart Meter Energy Data.

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