Posey to Pelosi: Give up personal jet

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Loaned Rangers

Does it seem like each day a congressman grows a set of balls. I personally think that it is actually just one set of balls, The Loaned Rangers, passed around amongst the members.  That means that  Michele Bachmann as the keeper of the ‘Loaned Rangers’ when the rest of congress is not using them.  That would seem these days to pretty much a full time job! At least Bachmann knows how to employee them when they are not on loan.  Too bad know one else seems to have the courage she does.  And Posey… is he just another poser!  Where was this defense budget resolution two years ago or a year ago?

Perhaps we can send some folks around a feed supply store and grab a few of those brass ones that some of these idiots have hanging under the trailer hitch on their 4X4 Pickups.  And you know that makes me think.  Perhaps after some of Scott Browns spineless votes it may be that someone has snaked aways his brass balls.  Someone go look under that back of his pick up truck quick!

Rep. Bill Posey

Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., announced today he applauded Pelosi’s new House rules-change that bans all members of Congress from flying first class on the taxpayer’s dime.

And to help the speaker enforce the new rules, Posey said in an announcement, he is offering an amendment to the FY 2011 Defense Authorization bill which requires the speaker to lead by example and also fly coach. The move, he said, would spare taxpayers the $28,000 it costs per flight for her personal military aircraft when she travels back and forth to her home in San Francisco.

“I’m glad the speaker decided to create these new standards for cost savings and transparency,” said Posey. “But the rules must apply to every member in order for them to be effective and my amendment would do just that. Every time the speaker boards her personal military aircraft it costs the taxpayers approximately $28,000 a flight. The leader of the people’s House should travel just like everyone else.”

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