Labor Unions take Tax Payer Bailout money and influence elections

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America has been pushed into a financial firestorm that is defying all attempts by the people to put it out.  When it comes to finding the parties responsible and setting the fire we know who to blame.  What we need is for those holding the matches to be drug into the public square.  Congress should be calling hearings.  Grand Juries should be issuing indictment’s, AG’s should be issuing arrest warrants.  Guilty parties should be going on trail and down the river to prison.  But nothing like this is happening.

What has happened to America is on the level of  Treason and no one responsible in a position top process the paper work to start these proceedings is willing to do so!   When you threaten National Security with the possibility of economic collapse you should pay and quite possible pay with your life.  These should be capital crimes.

Just in the last 3 years alone National Center for Policy Analysis provided the following information on elections funds allocated by to of the Labor Unions in America.

Labor unions are a massive special interest lobbying group that will be spending the dollar to keep the current unpopular congress in office. I personally do not have any problem with interest groups that represent those who are voluntary members of the organization but there are many workers who are pretty much forced to be with a union or would rather have their union fees spent on electing a more conservative pro-life, faith, family and freedom congress than we have now.


At least two influential unions will spend close to $100 million on the 2010 election, with most of those funds going to protect incumbents. Union officials told The Hill they plan to help endangered members — particularly freshmen — who made politically difficult votes in a year during which an anti-incumbent mood has filled the country. The number will likely be even higher since the AFL-CIO declined to give its figures, says the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

SEIU For Obribery

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU):
* Plans to spend $44 million in total on its 2010 election program.

* The union spent $85 million on its 2008 campaign, according to union officials.

This is wrong.  It is criminal that these Unions can fund elections like SEUI did during the last 2008 Presidential election, $85 Million was spent by the 1 union.  $85 millions tax payer dollars spent to elect Obama by SEIU.  Now Andy Stern SEIU ex-president  is sitting on Obama’s Finacial Deficit Counsel.  WTF! .SEIU is about to recieve tax payer money to bail out the pensions.  The money SEIU spent on Obama’s Presidental elections campaign should have been used to fund these pensions.  Instead it was used to buy Obama 4 years in the White House and  Andy Stern a cushy White House job as an on staff consultant.

This is bribery of public officials and these terrorsit use tax payer money to do it.  In 2007, the SEIU owed Bank of America nearly $95 Million.  By the end of 2008, SEIU owed more than $156 Million in total outstanding liabilities.  Only six years prior, its liabilities were $8 Million.  And we’re not even addressing their debts to other banks, like $15 Million with Amalgamated Bank.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME):

* Plans to spend in excess of $50 million during the 2010 campaign, part of which will fund “a massive incumbent protection program,” according to Gerry McEntee, president of the union.
* The $50 million slated for the 2010 elections is the largest expenditure the union will make in a midterm election, according to union officials; the money will go to help defend the union’s top tier of eight Senate seats and 34 House members.

SOURCEValues Voter News.

So here is more to that congressional bailout money that used to belong to you the tax payer that will be added to the coffers of these Labor Unions hat will then spend  more $ on democrat candidates with Big Labor favors they will be obligated to repay in union backed legislation.

Where does it end America?  Are these unions to big to fail?  OK lets say we back these pensions.  We need to also include a moratorium on the unions that forbids them from any influence on elections at any level until any and all bail out money is repaid with interest in full.  But the first step is hold the criminals accountable that did this to these pensions.  It can be done.  Its called a money trail.  We have laws, why do we not enforce them?

Unless congress is willing to indict these union leaders and the accountants and put them in prison its only going to get worse.  We are just Greeceing our wheels by allowing them to even stay solvent as organizations.  They are on going criminal enterprises.  Most would qualify for no less than the Rico Statue used against them.

So are we going to sit here and watch these to thug unions steal $100 million from tax payers will they take over $165 Billion in democrat legislated bailout money?  Where is the ethics committee on this?  Hell, where are he ethics?  To big to fail is going to be the thing that in fact does make America fail.  No more bail outs.  no more bribes, No more bought elections.  Its time for some transparency and accountability.

Its time for some damn indictments and trials. It is time to see people like Franklin Reigns, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd answer in a court of law for the actions they took.  But I want to see that these Labor Union leaders that “Madoff” with so much fiscal irresponsibility that cost me and you the tax payer to pay it back.

Everything they own should be forfeited and the rest of their miserable lives should be spent in prison.  Now that is Social Justice! The actions of these executives and congress members have undermined this country in a far greater capacity than anything Osama Bin Ladin could have imagined.