Kindergarten Class Sings Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA’ at graduation ceremony

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This is a must watch video America!  It can help put love of America first in schools again.  I think once this video is seen by a few media outlets it may get a chance to go viral.   THIS IS A NEW AMERICAN CLASSIC video as far as I am concerned.  But no one cares much about my concerns anyway.

I get very teary eyed each time I watch it.  That made editing it for and my blog rather difficult.  I attended this graduation for my step grand-daughter.  This is not her class on stage. This is Mrs Hicks’ class and what she did with this class should inspire red blooded patriotic teachers all over America.

She taught her class a wonderful song by a patriotic singer.  She allowed them to use America and get this…. “God”, in the same song even.  A proud song of a proud God loving God fearing heritage.  Thank you Mrs Hicks for understanding what America is truly about and allowing your students to take part in this song as part of graduation.  God bless you and your students Mrs Hicks!

Sharon Elementary School Loganville Georgia
Mrs. Hicks Kindergarten Graduating Class of 2010



Or would you rather your kids learn this song.