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The oil gets slicker and more people seem to get caught in mess as each day goes by.  Another politician gets his reputation further polluted while pointing fingers at somebody errr uhh when he can figure out who that somebody may be.  But now it looks like we need to look at someone in charge on the rig floor. Someone with prior knowledge of the possibility of a fire or a mishap with the blow out valve on the sea floor.

Transocean's Deep Horizon oil Rig while on Fire.

A prominent Houston attorney with a long record of winning settlements from oil companies says he has new evidence suggesting that the Deepwater Horizon’s top managers knew of problems with the rig before it exploded last month, causing the worst oil spill in US history. Tony Buzbee, a lawyer representing 15 rig workers and dozens of shrimpers, seafood restaurants, and dock workers, says he has obtained a three-page signed statement from a crew member on the boat that rescued the burning rig’s workers. The sailor, who Buzbee refuses to name for fear of costing him his job, was on the ship’s bridge when Deepwater Horizon installation manager Jimmy Harrell, a top employee of rig owner Transocean, was speaking with someone in Houston via satellite phone. Buzbee told Mother Jones that, according to this witness account, Harrell was screaming, “Are you f_cking happy? Are you f_cking happy? The rig’s on fire! I told you this was gonna happen.”

Whoever was on the other end of the line was apparently trying to calm Harrell down. “I am f_cking calm,” he went on, according to Buzbee. “You realize the rig is burning?

At that point, the boat’s captain asked Harrell to leave the bridge. It wasn’t clear whether Harrell had been talking to Transocean, BP, or someone else.

via “The rig’s on fire! I told you this was gonna happen!”

Well this information certainly warrants an investigation into why Harrell would have foreknowledge of the rigs proclivity to fire.  And what that knowledge was.  Is Harrell culpable in the rig explosion if he knew something and did not blow the whistle?