Crime inc ~ Joel Rogers ‘the labor movement should be integrated into school curriculum’

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Joel Rogers of COWS, Founder of the Apollo Alliance, is seen here on this 1996 video speaking about the progressive lefts absolute need to integrate teaching of the labor movement into the school system as part of the curriculum taught to the students. Not just the history of of Labor movement but as a way of American culture far removed from capitalism.

Rogers connections with the Building Trades Unions leader Mark Ayers has already effectively influenced the creation of propaganda for this indoctrination purpose. Rogers and Mark Ayers have been soliciting ‘community organizing’ / ‘Union membership drive’ strategies from each other for several years now. Rogers even considers himself quit the conosur of progressive Kool-aid now.

To provide more resources for teaching about workers and labor history, the Labor Education Service has released a new video and website devoted to teaching about the Minneapolis truckers’ ……. The video streams on the website, SOURCE : Minnesota Building Trades website

This is this not teaching history this is a form of indoctrination? Lets teach about what the labor movement did for America. Lets teach about what it has also done to America. Both the good and the bad. Let us also teach about Capitalism and how that is the tool used to build America into the great nation it is today. And lets not sugar coat that either. Make sure we teach about the failures and the success stories of Capitalism. Today that is a historic notion with Government bailouts of businesses deemed “To Big to Fail”. What that means is a usurpation of Capitalist rules.

Like any American that understand the principles of the Constitution and bill of Rights, I understand that to be an informed person you must know and at least try to understand as many view points about a subject as you can. To not teach about the history of the Labor movement in American history would be criminal. But to indoctrinate the youth with Labor as the answer to societies problems would be criminal also.

We must provide both sides of the coin. Unvarnished! The good and the bad. Give students the right to choose. Give them the ability to openly purse happiness through an informing curriculum. Not an indoctrination method used in Marxist and Fascist societies.

The first step to oppression is the elimination of facts. The white wash of historical facts. Then and only then can a people start to be put down. Capitalism must be demonized and cast in the most evil of lights. It must be shown as the societal failure of America. Not the actual concrete that is America’s very foundation.

Labor resolutions
During their 2008 convention, AFT delegates passed a resolution calling for a national task force and conference devoted to K-12 Labor Education (the NEA had previously passed a similar resolution). The AFL-CIO convention followed suit in 2009 and UALE did so this year. Labor educators hope the momentum created by these resolutions will lead to greater coordination and support for labor-in-the-schools initiatives. SOURCE : Minnesota Building Trades website

For more on labor movement propaganda in schools read Kyle Olson’s article, Sorry Big Labor: Teaching kids Union Propaganda Won’t Make Us More competitive Against China and india.