Progressives attain Fusion Politics by eating the Democrat Party

Posted on June 14, 2010 by


Fusion politics is the integration of a third party into a two party system. In 1996 Joel Rogers, founder of Apollo Alliance, the people that brought you the stimulus, was getting fed up with the “abusive relationship” the progressives had with the Democrat party and was ready to dump the Democrats. 14 years later the Progressives have eaten the democrat party instead of dumping it. It has not been enough to work with the democrats and have a mutual give and take. They want it all and have gone for it.

If the elected officials do not do 100% of what the Progressive asked for when offering their vote then the elected official has abused the relationship. That does not sound anything like a bipartisan relationship being allowed. It is an all or nothing mandate for the Progressives vote. Because of this perceived abuse the progressives have achieved a sudo form of Fusion Politics be becoming a parasite on the Democrat party. Only after so many years of feeding nothing remains of it’s puppet-ed host. They have actually eaten the Democrat party. A similar parasite has been eating the Republicans in recent years and can be found in an almost malignant nature in South Carolina and Arkansas. Lindsey and McPain are the most disguised and yet most volatile variants of this cancer.

How it works in theory. Fusion is simple. It refers to the electoral tactic of two parties “fusing” on one candidate, meaning the candidate appears twice on the ballot under two separate party labels.

But what the Progressives have achieved is a hollow shell party it controls in totality. Reconcile this & slaughter that, you get the picture.

I have written on the  issue of Fusion Politics before but after watching this video clip of Joel Rogers discussing how the Progressives have essentially been used by the Democrat party and now it is time to divest themselves of it I had to revive the message.  When I wrote about this before I cited an interview done of Rogers in 1995.  That interview touched on Fusion Politics.  Then a year after that interview Rogers restates his message about Fusion  Politics but he added something.  He talked about dumping the democrat party.  He claims it has become an “abusive relationship”.

Currently Fusion style politics has been reborn in a New Party.  Strangely enough it was actually at one time called “The New Party“.  Now it is known as the “Working Families Party”, WFP.  This is an active political party in New York.

The WFP chapter meetings around New York are very different than Democratic Party meetings. They are not full of people who are angling for jobs. They are not full of political staffers. They are full of union members, ACORN members, schoolteachers, retirees, tenants, students, immigrants, and anyone else who shares our values.

What a minute! Acorn and Labor Unions in the electoral process.  I wonder how that has turned out for the Working Families Party so far?

Judge Michael Lynch, a New York State Supreme Court judge threw out 33 absentee ballots in the September 15, 2009 Working Families Party primary and found that “testimony and affidavits reveal significant election law violations that have compromised the rights of numerous voters and the integrity of the election process. SOURCE :