11 US battleships move into the Mediterranean Sea – Will the Gaza Flotilla ignite WWIII?

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As eleven or twelve American battleships and an Israeli one crossed the Suez Canal Friday one could not help but ask, could the Free Gaza Flotilla be the match stick  struck over and over that finally ignites the Franz Ferdinand event of our time?

We have seen the rhetoric grow out of the original Gaza Flotilla that hosted Cynthia McKinney as a passenger in December of 2008  Then later in 2009 Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn tried to reach Gaza and were turned back just shy of its borders.  They managed to still provide a level of support for Gaza and the flotilla though regardless of the lack entry into the area.  Some of the group they claimed to have gone with did in fact gain entry into the region though.

And now the most recent indecent refereed to as the Gaza  Flotilla Massacre has sparked protest world wide.  Both supporting Israel and the Palestinians.  Some of the support looks to be coming from Iran now and even Lebanon has shown organized efforts too.

Even though as much as a week ago a report came out that Iran was backing away from support to arm and escort the Gaza flotilla, it still has ships moving  to the region.  Lebanon provides the other threat coming from a new port.  Another front that now threatens to challenge the blockade.  Lebanon has the ability to run what the IDF call “fast flotillas”

The IDF is … is concerned about the possibility that a number of ships will set sail from Lebanon, possibly even with Hezbollah operatives aboard.

“There is not a lot of time to stop fast ships that come from Lebanon,” an IDF officer explained, “Practically, it means that the Navy has to be on high alert around the clock.”
Source :jpost.com

In another report of this more remarks were stated that reflect a tension that is become more intensified with each passing day.

Retired Egyptian General Amin Radi, chairman of the national security affairs committee, told the paper that “the decision to declare war on Iran is not easy, and Israel, due to its wild nature, may start a war just to remain the sole nuclear power in the region.
SOURCE  Ynetnews.

This area of the world is probably more unstable now than it has been in 40 years.  The decisions the Obama administration have on this matter with the Transocean BP Gulf Oil Spill and cleanup are fundamentally redefining America forever.  So far that definition is looking more and more to be in the RED.  Both in spending and radical social policy.    I just hope it is not defined in more red blood as this recurring Flotilla event seems to actually beckon for.

So how did we get here?

Blood and Big oil don’t mix except in politics.  Environmental and political activist fighting capitalism and Oil.  The same people that are pushing and organizing these Free Gaza Flotillas are the same ones that forced these oil rigs so far off shore that they had to by law drill in those 5000 foot depths.   The Progressives that think they know what is best for everyone have brought the world to this precipice.

If America had “Legal” access to its own natural resources things would be different.  Then the only reason to get into anyone’s international business would be a moral one.  Our boys would not be fighting for resources from countries that don’t even like us.  They could be guarding our shores and having a normal life with their families right here in America instead.

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