Obama sells Yellow Stone Park to China and the Grand Canyon to Russia!

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Today the Obama administration auctioned off several national parks to help reduce the growing national debt. Among these are Yellow Stone Park and the Grand Canyon!

America, can you imagine waking up tomorrow and hearing that repeated on the local TV or radio station news report?  You sit down for your coffee and morning paper and “HOLY HAMMERS AND SICKLES BATMAN”!  You suddenly realize your vacation plans have changed. Looks like you’re going to Russian Owned Territory this year to see the Grand Canyon!

Right now Uncle Sam is in a world of self inflicted pain.  What might be Obama’s remedies to these aches?  He as, the Tyrant and Chief, may pen an executive order deeming himself  the authority to sell or lease some of these Federal lands to China, Russia, Mexico, even Iran or Venezuela would salivate over this opportunity.  The problem is a lease may not be good enough for some of our debt holders.  China may not want a long term lease.  Obama may have to sell the land instead.

Now Greece is making it easier for the rich and famous to fulfill their dreams by preparing to sell, or offering long-term leases on, some of its 6,000 sunkissed islands in a desperate attempt to repay its mountainous debts.

Mykonos Greece

The Guardian has learned that an area in Mykonos, one of Greece’s top tourist destinations, is one of the sites for sale. The area is one-third owned by the government, which is looking for a buyer willing to inject capital and develop a luxury tourism complex, according to a source close to the negotiations.

Potential investors also looking at property on the island of Rhodes, are mostly Russian and Chinese.
SOURCE : guardian.co.uk

America we have to get back to small government again.  This is a very scary precedent being set on the world stage right now.  A stage where our current president wants to be the lead actor.  You have heard quotes like; “He would sell his mothers soul for that car” or “I’d give my soul to the devil to have that job or that girl”…. etc…. Well we have sold our soul to Uncle Sam.

So what do we do to protect our sovereign territory?  How do we prevent these federal land grabs.  Obama initiated discussions on an attempt to seize another 10 million acres over 9 states in early 2010.

Republicans are in a fuss following news that Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT) was leaked a “secret memo” outlining a plan for the Interior Department to place 14 new land tracts on a list of federally controlled “national monuments.” The memo outlines 14 areas spread across 9 western states (see memo below for full list of states), amounting to over 10-million acres of resource rich lands that Obama could, according to the Antiquities Act of 1906, take unilaterally.

Interior Department officials, including Interior Secretary Salazar, have since announced that there is no “hidden federal agenda,” surrounding the matter. They say the so-called “secret memo” wasn’t designed to be secret at all, but was rather a “very, very, very preliminary” brainstorming memo to formulate ideas. But Republicans aren’t giving up on the opportunity to mount an offensive.


It is a scary thought that America could allow itself to borrow so much money that the only way to pay the debt is to give up our land. Two things must happen. 1) The current land owned or operated by the federal government needs to be given in whole back to the states. 2) STOP SPENDING our freedom, America is not a piggy bank for the elite. The current administration must be crippled completely in November 2010 and hopefully impeached and or imprisoned before 2012 elections arrive.

America we are watching the wholesale destruction and dismantling of our Nation at the hands of a mad man. This must stop here and it must stop now. Obama is a Clear and Present Danger. I can only hope Gen McCrystal takes this opportunity to go with the Sargent at Arms to the White House and arrest the Traitor and Chief Obama, before the completion of the progressive framework to install Marxism is completed by this tyrant.