Francis Fox Piven – ‘It is ok to use violence as long as it is a BIG part of your strategy’

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‘So unless you have good reason for breaking the window, probably you shouldn’t do that.  Unless you know it’s a big part of your strategy.’~ Francis Fox Piven

Francis Piven starts out talking about the riots in the South during the MLK marches.  She mentions the white mobs coming to beat the protesters up.  She states that the Civil rights marchers were about non violence.  They were instructed to duck and cover themselves to protect against the beating and spitting, but the violence of the white mob was being used strategically in those demonstrations.

Piven states that the blacks used violence.  They new they would be beat and the used the violence of the right to their advantage.  That was the success looking back.  They did manage to use the pictures and video on a nation wide basis to achieve the legislation for the Civil Rights Act.  However she claims that the “Deacons for Defense” used violence directly in the riots in Birmingham Al.

Piven  got this fact wrong.  The deacons started out as a militia for self defense.  They were not proponents of violence but active defenders instead of pacifist.

During a desegregation effort at the Jonesboro High School, the authorities brought up fire trucks and prepared to hose the black students attempting to enter the school. The Deacons pulled up and four men publicly loaded shotguns and then made it plain that the lead was for the firemen if they turned the hoses on. The firemen wisely beat a retreat.

This was a very significant event. This was a self-defense effort in the spirit of the American War for Independence. The government was attempting to exercise illegitimate power (enforcing an unbiblical law which by this time also violated federal law) and it was repulsed by the use of community force — by the militia, if you will.

The Deacons were in the great tradition of American freedom — liberty is not given by tyrants and thugs, it is wrested from their hands by force.  SOURCE :

It is absolutely amazing how the left try to re-write history right in front of you. Had I not researched the Deacons a bit more and you read the rest of this article and watched Piven spew her hatred for America you would not have known these Deacons were armed militia that did not incite violence but defended against it.
Another leftist smear set aside.

… It’s partly on a problem of …. almost strategy and propaganda.    you know it’s a violent country it’s a violent government it’s killing people and they are going to call us violent if we break a window, but they will do that.  So probably unless you have good reason for breaking the window, you probably you shouldn’t do that.  Unless you know its a big part of your strategy”. ~ Francis Fox Piven