Activist John Ross predicts the Mexican Revolution in 2010

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John Ross 'The 1st Draft Dodger'

Meet John Ross,  Born in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan to proud members of the U.S. Communist Party, John Ross grew up in a lively cultural ambiance informed by jazz, abstract expressionist painting, radical politics, and Beat poetry.

A civil war in Mexico in the year 2010? Not shocked at all are you? So much information about the explosive violence in Mexico these days and how it is spilling over the border into America. But you are not shocked anymore. It is nothing to your Government but a voting class, a swell in the numbers on the democrat party line. It is a stream of votes coming over the border to them. The less educated the better. Democracy breeds slavery or in a nicer word dependency. Just what the Democrat party ordered. Well here you have it. The words go along with the events of the day.

The Activist author, John Ross suggest that a revolution is what may happen again in Mexico. Just watch the video of this guy and you take your own view on his words. I have also included a quote of his writings with source link showing his overt take on racism in the United States immigration issue and how the deep South is now approaching 50% population of color. So on this day that the Obama Administration uses the strong arm of the DOJ to sue Arizona for protecting its citizens you have to ask your self, could America see a revolution that sparked in Mexico arrive at our doorsteps and play out in the heartland cities, creating a civil war here as well? This is a dangerous place to be next to a nation at war internally while we have borders that are simply to vast to be closed, according to President Obama. {Great Wall of China}

The old civil rights movement achieved only token parity in this the poorest state in the union. Now a new civil rights movement is focusing on the flood of Mexican and Latino workers who poured into Mississippi in the wake of Katrina, and brown people are today’s niggers down at the bottom of the food chain.

Only 34,000 “Hispanics” were officially counted in the 2000 state census but Bill Chandler, a veteran of the Texas farm workers union and spokes for the Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance (MIRA), thinks that three times as many undocumented workers, lured to the state by casino construction, were overlooked back then. In 2010, Chandler calculates that the immigrant numbers have swelled to 200,000, nearly 10% of the state population, and taken together with close to a 40% Afro-American share, Mississippi now verges on becoming a majority People of Color entity. A similar equation is at work throughout the Deep South with Alabama and South Carolina and Georgia also hanging in the balance. Such changing demographics help to explain the vitriol the Teabaggers and White Citizen Council types shower upon the newcomers. ~ Jon Ross, April 4th 2010

At 19, Ross set out on the road, following the Beat trail that Burroughs and Kerouac and Ginsberg had blazed to Mexico City. Soon he had separated from this U.S.-based literary movement taking up residence in an indigenous community in the Meseta Purepcha of the state of Michoacan

Six years later when John Ross returned to the United States, he was incarcerated by the FBI at Terminal Island federal penitentiary in San Pedro California for refusal to report for induction in the U.S. Army and became the first resister to be jailed for refusing service in Vietnam. In 2005, Ross returned to San Pedro to receive the American Civil Liberties Union’s annual “Uppie” (for Upton Sinclair) award for his penultimate cult classic “Murdered by Capitalism – A Memoir of 150 Years of Life & Death on the U.S. Left.

Following the terrible September 1985 8.2 earthquake in Mexico City, Ross returned to the city he first knew as a young Beat and took up residence in the old quarter or “Centro Historico”, the ancient Aztec island of Tenochtitlan, where he lives still. Now the dean of foreign correspondents in Mexico, Ross continues to report for Noticias Aliadas (Peru), the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and the Texas Observer, and is a regular contributor to U.S. monthlies like the Progressive, the Nation, and Counterpunch (on line), in addition to the Mexican Left daily La Jornada. His investigations into electoral fraud and human rights abuses in Mexico, environmental carnage, and the struggles of Indians and farmers have won various awards down the years.

Since its earliest hour 12 years ago, Ross has accompanied the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, breaking the story of the impending uprising in a small northern California weekly weeks before it occurred, and writing three volumes chronicling this unique indigenous movement – “Rebellion From the Roots” (American Book Award winner 1995), “The Annexation of Mexico” (1998), and “The War Against Oblivion” (200.) His fourth volume ZAPATISTAS! Making Another World Possible – Chronicles of Resistance 2000-2006″ is to be published by Nation Books this October. SOURCE :