Leaked Memo: Obama administration and USCIS plan immigration reform without Congress.

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Roxana Bacon is working close with the Obama administration to find a way around immigration reform and granting indefinite stay extensions  if not outright amnesty to all illegal aliens present in the US now.  Yes, permanent status.  Bacon was with the 9th circuit so the left runs deep is in her blood.

Memo on Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Longtime Phoenix immigration attorney Roxana Bacon has been appointed Chief Counsel of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. In her new position, Bacon will have the job not only of supervising the agency’s several hundred lawyers but also of helping to draft immigration reform legislation for the Obama administration.

Bacon is a friend of Homeland Security Secretary and former Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano. She has been a frequent contributor to Democratic candidates and organizations. SOURCE : rightsidenews.com

The memo from Bacon’s office has surfaced and implicates this administration of just that fact.  A plan to usurp and or “re-interpret” current federal laws now in place regulating immigration.  The memo even states in detail how to implement these guidelines to circumvent congress and provide immigration reform with out any judicial oversight.

Memo on Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The administration plans to have this in place prior to the elections in November of 2010.  They show a specific target date to circumvent current laws as September/October 2010.   As shown in the next image below which also explains how to get around the unlawful presence penalty for aliens that have left the country and returned.

Memo on Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The democrat party is actively trying to destroy what citizenship in America means by watering down the process that is required to gain this lofty title as an American Citizen.  They will stop at nothing to expand the democrat voter base with those individuals that are dependent upon some sort of entitlement in order to retain a power base for permanent re-election and power in America.   They are working to simply re-interpret the laws, change the language and do what they want to regardless of the letter or spirit of the law as shown in the next snippet from the memo.

Memo on Alternatives to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

This immigration reform will be enacted without any input from not only the Republican party by the Obama administration it will also circumvent the democrat legislators as well.  Thus proving that Obama and all his Stimulus, Health Care and Financial reforms and laws have successfully rendered Congress irrelevant in this new new Post American President of Barrak Insane Obama.

How long do we have to wait before these actions on Obama’s part and his behalf are seen for what they are? Treason and a dissolution of the American Republic.  Obama and his George Soros financed Marxist administration are nothing less than Chicago street thugs working to destroy America and rewrite our history.  They need to be brought to justice and sent to prison for this deliberate devastation to he greatest country that has ever been.

Read the whole leaked memo here.

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