The Coast Guard threatens to have Louisiana official arrested

Posted on August 15, 2010 by


Kevin Davis

Coast Guard Admiral sent a letter to Louisiana’s St. Tammany Parish official, “Kevin Davis ” flexing the Big Government muscle, (3rd video).  The Admiral threatened to arrest Davis for drafting an executive order that would force the oil spill clean-up equipment to stay put until the end of the 2010 hurricane season.  Davis was simply trying to protect the interest of his parish until they can be better prepared with out Federal assistance.

So let the military start to arrest those that defy the Obama-Zombies start to happen.  Can you say, ‘Posse Coma tadas’ ? Once we start to see people “Disappeared” what will you do then?  Do not forget Obama can have you jailed and held for a time that may NEVER be determined, with no access to friends family or an attorney.  You have no rights at all!

Or he may simply decide to have you assassinated.  He now has that RIGHT according to his new way of administering the laws and executive orders of his Big Government wealth redistribution machine.

Barack Obama says the oil spill is over, which means Louisiana cannot continue to access the $20 billion fund to fight the oil spill on their beaches.  This may be payback to BP for some nice campaign contributions made to Obama for the 2008 election cycle that helped launch him into the 44th presidential reign.  The first post American President.  Barack Obama is a Socialist Marxist president.