Obamas March To Marxism ~ Parallels of the Past Emerging in America

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The original Big Picture Video is about 30 min long.  It is about how Marxism came into being and how it has been adopted over and over again in one failed country after another failed country.  The movie covers all the rise and fall of many governments that attempt this futile and oppressive form of  governing the citizens.  Look now at over 200 years of America succeeding.  It would appear that capitalism, liberty and freedom are the only viable option for a successful nation of governable citizens.

Karl Marx (1818 – 1883)

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Marx claims that only through communism can the worker avoid starvation and exploitation.  The push for worker unions that eventually crush industries are instituted and later used as the battering rams that eventually overthrow what ever power may be in place at any given time.

We declare openly that our ends can only be obtained by the force-able overthrow of all existing social conditions.” ~ Carl Marx

As you watch this video you will should have no problems seeing the parallels in the time from then and now and what is happening in American politics on the left, previously known as the democrat party now understood to be the party of progressive socialist.

Vladimir Lenin, the former head of the Russian...

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They hear nothing of the public cries.   The cries from the conservative side. Marxist move to vilify and silence them as a violent faction of citizens.  The movie indicates that these people will eventually be brought to ‘justice’ and or murdered in mass numbers to suite the collective needs.

Not by voting but by class warfare…

“This is the dictatorship of the proletariat. A power won and maintained by my oath.  A power that is unrestricted by any law.  Resting directly on votes. Keep this well in mind.” ~ Lenin

“There is still to little ruthlessness.  Not because we lack determination, but because we do not know how to capture enough profiteers, marauders, Capitalist.” ~ Lenin

United States President Barack Obama signs int...

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It is evident from only 18 months in power that America’s current president Barack Obama is working as a dictator from his own Czar based proletariat. The image below shows Obama’s Gerry-rigging that have allowed him to pretty much run rough-shod over congress and the Constitution.

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