Crime inc ~ UNESCO, The New World Order by Maurice Strong and George Soros

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Voluntary acceptance of global governance is the preferred means of achieving a takeover of America without a single shot having been fired.


“Education programs to teach the “global ethic” have been underway by UNESCO and by UNEP for more than twenty years.” (Page 90, The Rise of Global Governance). “That the U.S. government, through its representatives to the various U.N. agencies, has not already crushed this global governance agenda is s testament to the effectiveness of the U.N.’s education program.”  Source :

Below is a Muckety Map of (UNESCO).  Notice that H Patrick Swygert is connected to Fannie Mae.  Remember the Fannie Mae Franklin Reigns Device patent he got while still at Fannie Mae to run the Climate Exchange, CCX’s Big Board.

Louis V. Oliver Ambassador Louise VOliver, Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  Like a fatal bacteria growing in a petri dish.
Who elected this guy to the UN? When the NWO kicks in does he become a powerfull leader and have the ability to make law?  What does anyone know about these Usurpers of the American  Constitution and what they have planned for you? Below is a set of links that tell what UNESCO has it’s grimy Crime Inc hands into.

See if any of these events shown below are near you.  If one is, let your local Tea Party leaders know about this.  America we have to STOP this movemnt in its tracks.  So if one of the events in in an area near you it would be wise to arrange a picket of the event.  Invite the press!!!! We can no longer afford to be the silent majority.  We have to expose these people for what they are.  We have to do it VERY PUBLICLY.