RED ALERT. Hindenburg Omen Confirmed: Stock Market Collapse May Be Imminent.

Posted on August 26, 2010 by


The Hidenburg Omen has been confirmed, for the third time, today August 22, 2010. Based on the history of the Omen, there is a 30% probability that a massive crash of the stock market will occur within the next 120 days.

Jim Miekka, deviser of the so-called “Hindenburg Omen,” says that stocks could drop by 20% from their level earlier this month.See full article from SOURCE:

This technical indicator taken alone is frightening. But when considered along with the web bot predictions of an “epic event” occurring in November, and the sobering predictions of Pastor Lindsey Williams, the ramifications are extremely dire indeed. May God have mercy and shelter on us from what is to come.