America’s Ongoing Policy to Murder Illegal Aliens

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Ever since America became the place to be, hundreds of thousands of immigrants have traversed rough seas, crossing over vast oceans to get to America.

The number of illegal Chinese immigrants in the United States is small compared to the millions of Mexicans and Central Americans that enter the country illegally every year. The Chinese immigrant issue didn’t even make the news until 1993 when a ship named the Golden Venture ran aground off New York City and 10 illegal Chinese immigrants died when they tried to escape. SOURCE :

Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants swarm over our Southern Border every year as well.  Every year hundreds of these freedom seeking humans die making the trek to what they hope will be a better way of life for them and their families.

A new report from the former ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party and the affiliated National Confederation of Popular Organizations claimed 60,000 Central and South American migrants disappeared while traveling through Mexico to the US from 1998 to 2008. SOURCE

What is disturbing is the fact that those that die in the southern deserts while attempting to evade American authorities would not have given their lives had they understood that getting into America only happens lawfully.

Just think if we had a ‘real’ guarded border wall they would have stayed home and tried to arrange a trip through the front door.  knowing the border is sealed and well gaurded would discourage this unsafe practice that claims so many lives.  Safe passage for an honorable quest, the freedom to prosper in America.  A chance to dream the ‘American Dream’.  Not a permanent dirt nap.

According to Border Patrol records, between Oct. 1 and Sunday, 319 people are known to have died along the southern border. A year ago, 326 people died during the same period.

During fiscal year 2005, 472 people are known to have died attempting to cross the border illegally, making it the deadliest year on record. The federal fiscal year is Oct. 1 to Sept. 30.
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The deaths do not just happen in our deserts though.  Many of the freedom seeking aliens never make it to the Mexican America border.  They get kidnapped, raped or even killed long before they reach the soil of America.

Female Immigrants Raped

Rape is not the only obstacle these women face.  Many get raped and then murdered.  After smugglers have been paid by the families to take loved ones to and across the border they find it easier to simply kill the human cargo.

72 bodies were found in the eastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas near the U.S. border, south of Brownsville, Texas. 58 men and 14 women from Central and South America were found by Mexican marines, who have been left searching for a cause of the murders. Mexican authorities are confident that the perpetrators were members or former members of the drug cartels. SOURCE :

official figures show that every year 200 Central Americans are murdered or die in Mexico while attempting to reach the United States, but unofficial data highlighted in the last five years and as part of drug raid in the kidnapping of migrants, this figure could exceed 400 deaths. SOURCE:

I would like to contend that our government as well as that of Mexico is complicit in the deaths of each and everyone of these soles.  The policies they author and enforce or not enforce like those of Sanctuary Cities are directly set to kill these people.  What the left does is push for our politicians to keep the border fluid and open so more freedom seeking humans can get to America.  They too are complicit in nothing less than MURDER of these human souls that do not make it.

A few of the Dead Immigrants found in the mass murder of 72

If you vote for a politician or you are a politician that is working against sealing our borders you are nothing less than a murderer yourself.  I charge you with these deaths.  I contend YOU are a killer of humans.  You deserve nothing less than to serve the rest of your natural life in prison for the wanton killing of these hundreds of souls that perish yearly because America at your behest has the equivalent of a BAITED FIELD as it’s Southern Border.

Arizona’s law is the most “human life respecting” law passed and our President, Obama would prefer to see women raped and men and children murdered to appease the Political Left. The liberals and progressives that seek an ‘Open Border Utopia’ are nothing less than murderous thugs.  Get Real America, we not only need a border fence, we need prosecution of those that are enabling these deaths!  From the top all the way down.

In a phone interview, Meyer said Mexican officials were well aware of well-traveled migrant routes and could be complicit in human rights violations. Hard to miss, Central Americans and members of other nationalities frequently travel in large groups on trains, buses and trucks.

Yes I am calling for the indictment and prosecution of Bill Clinton, George Bush I & II, and  Barack Obama.  All four of these men are complicit in the deaths of thousands of human souls.  If our border was protected, as is guaranteed by law that is already legislated and an oath of office is sworn to uphold, these souls would not have perished.  They would have known they have to come here legaly.

WOLA’s Maureen Meyer contended that Mexico must ensure that not only are the perpetrators of the San Fernando Massacre brought to justice, but that government agents involved in violations of migrants’ human rights are held accountable and prosecuted.