Judge Judy Slams Obama’s 47% – This is Why Romney is Right.

Posted on September 24, 2010 by


Judge Judy gets it!

But it is not just about using a hard working Americans looted income to buy booze for someone on the government dole.   It is about many other things as well.  How about those 21 inch rims on their Impala.  Or the $300.00 Android cell phone they are talking on while buying baby formula with WIC at a Wal-Mart super store.  What about the Nike Air tennis shoes they wear while hanging out in front of the beauty shop waiting on Sista to get her 4 inch finger nails done up?  Or the 72 inch Flat screen hanging on bubba’s 10 foot wide trailer wall sitting on concrete blocks and a busted bedroom door for an entertainment center.

Able bodied, able minded but to damn lazy to work.  I AM DONE with them.