Paul Weyrich – ‘The AG Can Redefine what a Terrorist is for the President’ – TeaParty Anyone?

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This video was taken in 2003 of Paul Weyrich, Co-founder of The Heritage Foundation. He speaks about what could happen if Hillary won in the 2004 election.

UPDATE April 18th 2014 1:00am – This update pertains to the Cliven Bundy Ranch VS the BLM.

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid on Thursday called supporters of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” because they defended him against a Bureau of Land Management cattle roundup with guns and by putting their children in harm’s way. Source:

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“Well these ‘Right Wing Groups’ that are against government power, particularly libertarians and so on, they really are terrorist because they don’t support the government.  And all she has to do is have her Attorney General change the definition of what a terrorist group is and suddenly we become the terrorist.”

Weyrich had the pulse of the left then on his concern with manipulation of the Patriot Act with the possibility of a Hillary Clinton Administration.  He had no idea about what would come in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama.  Obama would do with Bush’s Patriot Act what no one could envision.  Weyrich was right about the action of the AG on behalf of the president.  Just not about the name of the presidents administration.  It is ‘The Obama Administration.’  So welcome Obama’s  ‘Counter-Terrorism Advisor’ John Brennan.

Mr. Brennan’s curious views may be part of a larger move by the O Force to redefine terrorism. According to Michele Flournoy, undersecretary of defense for policy, an effort is under way to revise counterterrorism strategy. Last week, at a speech at the Center for a New American Security, she said, “one of the discussions we’re having in that context is what are the root causes of extremism.”
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Even the Chinese Communist State Run ePaper found this bit of news, worthy of publishing.

Obama rejected Bush’s view of the “War on Terror” and redefined “terrorism”. He said terrorism is not an “enemy” but a “tactic.” The report also included violent extremism in the United States. U.S. history shows the phenomenon of violence and terrorism not only appears in religious culture which is different from America’s mainstream culture but also in different levels of U.S. mainstream culture. This is a social problem and a potential safety hazard in the United States.