Illegal Aliens Gaining Access to US Nuclear Facilities, Did I Mention These Aliens are Extraterrestrial?

Posted on September 29, 2010 by


I rarely would find reason to venture off to never never land from the political landscape that is eroding the American soil but this story just kept flashing in the back of my mind. Like some subsonic message trying to get out.  Strange days…

CNN posted this video on September 27 2010.  L.A. Marzulli’s blog carried the following story line about the content of the report and the apathy of a nation more concerned with “The Situation” and Lindsey Lohan.  Here is Marzulli’s take on the video.  I have added the Link to Fox News and the most recent government confirmed “interruption” by an ET video available.

…. I highly recommend watching it. Here’s what amazes me. This video shows several former air force personal, who are breaking their security oaths by going on the record stating that UFOs exist. So who cares?Practically no one. It’s business as usual. Most people remain willfully ignorant or are to caught up in surviving “the supposed economic recovery!”

Then there’s the latest antics of Lindsay Lohan, or if you want a little more class, one can always watch Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars. That will assuage any concern about UFOs or those pesky aliens! Ignore, deny and ridicule anyone who posits that UFOs are real, burgeoning and not going away! Hey, wait a minute…. didn’t I say that?

So here we have a group of men who fly to our nations capital from all over the USA and appear at the National Press Club. I guess these guys are just full of it. Most likely they are not trained witnesses, and mistook a flock of birds for a UFO. They may have been confused by the abundance of swamp gas that is always available and seems to manifest just when you need to debunk a UFO sighting. Or perhaps a weather balloon got caught up in some trees! That would fool almost everybody into thinking that he or she had seen a UFO.

Nothing to worry about folks. These guys are well-intentioned but obviously delusional. Everyone knows our government would never deliberately obfuscate the truth! There’s nothing going on. Don’t give it a second thought. There’s no such thing as the coming great deception and prophecy – that points to this phenomena – is nothing more than the rantings of some smelly nut cases who spent way to much time alone in the desert. Besides, we are in the modern age, the age of reason where the scientific method reigns supreme! We evolved from apes, there is no God, and believing in the supernatural is for backward superstitious people!

Everything continues as before the fathers fell asleep…. It’s business as usual….

Even Fox news has reported this information.