Is Fox News Talking about a ‘9/11 Truth’ Conspiracy Now?

Posted on October 6, 2010 by


Could it be that time does in fact uncover the truth?  So what was Operation Able Danger? So what is the truth?  Can anyone trust anyone in charge that would know the truth?  Was a cover-up orchestrated about the knowledge of and the where abouts and activities of those ‘radical islamic terrorist’ prior to them destroying the World Trade Center buildings?  Was the responsibility for the loss of life hidden by nefarious entities inside our own government’s Department of Defense?  Why did the Pentagon buy and then burn 9,500 copies of a book about this knowledge?

We have admissions now that our government conducted secret biological test with STD’s on the citizens of Guatemala some 47 years ago.  And then there were the Tuskegee experiments that took place in Alabama.  So are conspiracy theories just theories anymore?