Patriot Act Protest in 2010 The Silence is Deafening

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2003 interview After 911, Weyrich was among a group of conservative leaders who joined the ACLU and other liberals to oppose the Patriot Act.

August 9 2006 -Democrat Socialist  Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the patriot act.

August 10, 2006 – Harry Reid proclaims “We Killed the Patriot Act” to Applause from the crowd.

March 17, 2007 – Cable Show Black Men Screaming – Hosted By Maurice Carver Topic: The FBI just admitted to violating thousands of Americans rights How? The Patriot Act

July 24, 2007 – Leahey ask Gonzalaze about the Abuse from the  Patriot Act.

Sept 18 2007 – Judge Andrew Nepalitano speaks about why the Patriot Act is unconstitutional and why he endorses Ron Paul

Ron Paul – Patriot Act – NOBODY READ IT!

Why should you care?

Rachel Maddow on Obama’s prolonged Detention.  MUST WATCH!

Kieth Olbermann lays into Pres. Bush for siging the Patriot Act.