Gives Illegal Aliens – Free Housing, WIC, School Lunches and More

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What kind of benifits can Illegal Aliens get in the USA?
Well lets find out what you can get if you are here illegally.  Keep in mind we have laws against Illegal Aliens even being in the United States.  Also note that is the Obama Administration’s baby.   Below is a copy of the brief online questionnaire required to be filled out in order to see what Tax payer funded welfare programs are available for Illegal Aliens.  I included my answers in RED

Q: What type of benefits are you looking for?
A:Child Care/Child Support
A: Food/Nutrition
A: Housing
A: Healthcare
Q: What is your date of birth?
Q: Where do you live?
A: One of the 50 states or the District of Columbia
Q: In which U.S. State do you live?
A: Arizona
Q: Choose the option that best describes your citizenship status:
A: Other
Q: What is your current employment status?
A: Unemployed or about to become unemployed
Q: How many people live in your household?
A: 9
Q: What is your household’s annual income before taxes?
A: $8000.00
Q: Are you currently married?
A: Yes
Q: Choose the option that best describes where you live:
A: Private residence
Q: Are you a parent or primary caregiver?
A: Yes

Based on your answers so far, you may be eligible for the benefits listed below. Add any benefits you are interested in to the “Your Favorites” list by clicking the “Add to Your Favorites” button located below each benefit. You can further narrow down your benefit results list by either returning to the “Answer Questions” tab and answering any remaining questions, or by clicking on the “Review Your Answers” button to edit your responses.
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So tell me, how does it feel? Your Tax dollars hard at work keeping Illegal Aliens comfortable in the United States while you struggle to keep your own roof over your head and your family fed?  Once the Citizenship status was checked as ‘Other‘ the only benefit that should be available is a bus ticket back to Mexico or Guatemala.

Because I choose ‘Other‘ for Citizenship status in the United States on the form, it should have self disabled right there.


This is more Proof that the Obama administration is out to undermine the Constitution of the United States and turn us into a 3rd World country through the depletion of legal Americans personal wealth by giving it away to anyone that does not deserve it.

One last note about website…. It is also available in Spanish.

Q: Have you had enough yet America?
A: Yes.
Then please “Remember in November”.