FlashBack 1964: Obama’s Beloved Chairman Mao Speaks Publicly about Education Reform.

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Mao delivered these remarks on education to party leaders in February 1964.  He charged that China’s system of formal education placed too much emphasis on simple memorization and repetition.  Many Chinese educators and students shared his views.

“The current examination methods contain many surprises, unusual questions, and difficult problems … I do not approve of them … I suggest taking some sample examination problems and having them published.  Let the students study and do them with open books … in examinations, students should be allowed to whisper to each other and hire others to take the examination for them. If your answer is right, I copy yours.  Copying is good too. In the past, whispering and hiring of examinees was done on the sly.  Now let them be open.  When I cannot do what you have done, them let me copy…  Teachers giving lectures should allow students to fall asleep … Sleeping may help one to recover from fatigue.  Students should be given choice of not listening to monotonous lectures … We shold not read to many books. We must read Marxist books but not too many of them …. Reading too many books will lead the readers to take opposing views …”

Who else thinks like this? How about Obama and his Buddy Bill Ayers. The next two videos show this is who they are.