Fomenting Intolerance in America, Propaganda, Lies and the Tides.

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Careful what you say. There is a new McCarthy in town. Its name is ‘Progressive Socialist’ AKA ‘Democrat’. It’s mission, the destruction of the American Dream, to topple Capitalism and replace it with “State Capitalism“.  So what is State Capitalism? It is nothing more than Progressives renaming another institution or legislative maneuver, Global Warming became Climate Change, the Progressives became Liberals and are now again Progressives, the second stimulus was called a Jobs Bill.  But Americans loyal to the Constitution call this Professional Left Moonbat agenda of forced fundamental change into “State Capitalism” what is it? It is a combination of Socialism, Communism, Marxism with a lot of Fascism! It is “Obamanism“.  The State running your life and business via a glut of unmaneuverable  regulations

The Progressive Left is really good at reinventing itself, as it has shown through history. However the end result is always the same.  More oppression and social dependence upon an ever growing intrusive government, and the Mass Murder of those that would disagree.

The old “Vote for me and you will live free” mantra that is the cry of the democrat is bringing about this intended collapse.  And as it collapses the progressives blame free enterprise and capitalism.  So ask yourself, how long can the capitalist business owners that employee the tax base that are footing the bill for all these socialist entitlement programs keep paying the tab before they run out of money too?

So you are one of them.

So be very careful if you are enlisted to the progressive left, dare you break ranks from within the party of the multicultural politically correct cult, particularly if you are part of the complicit MainStream Media arm.  You will find yourself spewed from their bowels and labeled a bigot or racist, regardless of the facts.

Juan Williams 13 years with Fox News and 10 with NPR was fired the same day NPR received $1.8 million dollars form George Soros and Tides foundation.  The same day Soros also gave $1 million dollars to and kicked off the funding of Ariana Huffington’s Post eRag “Investigative Arm”.  Nothing to worry about here.

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Our Rules don’t apply to us

Who decides what is intolerant? Who gets to decide what is “Fair Minded”, The Tides perhaps? could it be that the part of our country that is now ‘Left of Europe’ is no longer Fair Minded? Really? Embrace Duologue? Really? Glenn Beck has invited George Soros to appear on his show to explain all this away. But Soros and the Tides have Embraced Silence and have yet to reply.

Fabian Socialist Emblem, a Wolf in a DEAD Sheep’s skin.   Why the Deception?

But as long as you are true to the agenda of the ‘radical left’ you may say what you please and perhaps get a promotion or a large infusion of Cash like the lefts major ‘Smear Machines’,,,,,, and NPR from billionaire George Soros.   Check out this clip, from way back in 1995, of NPR’s Nina Totenberg telling the host of PBS’s Inside Washington that if there was “retributive justice” in the world the (admittedly loathsome) Jesse Helms would “get AIDS from a transfusion, or one of his grandchildren will get it.” Totenberg is still NPR’s legal affairs correspondent.

The left continues its rude sometimes grotesque attack on the right and ignores its own not so independent pillars such as The SEIU, and eco-terror groups ELF and ALF that provoke and indeed create violence as a means to their ends. They do not talk about the propaganda that is told to them by the leaders of the NGO’s about how to teach their children about hating Republicans because they are drowning Santa Clause in order to promote an environmental agenda.

Fair Minded protesters from…. The Left.

So remember in this day of Fair Mindedness, defined by the Tides Center and free speech defined by Ariana Huffington that it is only free speech if it does not deviate from the Obama Administration’s radical left agenda. The complete collapse of the American way of life so he can Fundamentally Change the United States, as Obama promised, but into a 3rd world country, not a prosperous liberty loving one.

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON, HUFFINGTON POST: There is something that we need to really pay attention to with Glenn Beck. We cannot just dismiss him, because the truth of the matter is that there is a good reason why we have an exemption to free speech protected by the First Amendment.

The Left would never  promote violence.

What you also may notice about the progressive media smear machine is how it also embraces the theories of activist like Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven.  Check out these next two videos with Francis Fox Piven discussing the use violence in your plans and Saul Alinsky talks about overrunning land owners by withholding payment for housing in a community wide basis.  These are the patriots of the Tides funded media machine bought and paid for by George Soros.

America, be careful what you ask for or what you say publically.  You are in need of psychiatric help if you in anyway disagree with the agenda of the left.

Uh.. We never said that.  Prove it!

OCTOBER 2, 2009

GARRISON KEILLORKILL ALL THE REPUBLICANS. “Thirty-two percent of the population identifies with the GOP, and if we cut off health care to them, we could probably pay off the deficit in short order.”

I’m sure we’ll hear lots of condemnation of Keillor’s “eliminationist rhetoric” from David Neiwert, et al. Meanwhile, with this gang in charge who would be surprised to find that under ObamaCare your chances of a liver transplant really will depend on your politics? Not me.
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Anything short of agreeing with the left leaves you branded by the left as a violent anti-government teabagging terrorist that must be silenced at all cost.  I keep that in mind as I continue to post these stories exposing these “Left of Europe” “communist in sheep’s clothing” propagandized lies about the Tea Party and those that actually are loyal to America and the Constitution as it was intended by our founders.

We are a sovereign nation of laws, not tyrannically enforced opinions from a cabinet of unelected czars and global commissions.  We are a Republic, not a democracy.  The left probably could not tell you what the American Republic actually stands for.  It is a shame what our progressive left institutions of higher learning have churned out the past 60 years.  Particularly the socialist indoctrinated students of journalism.

I invite them to all leave America and live in the democracy of their own choosing for the rest of their liberal lives.  From those shores they may lob their volleys of hate at the nation that has brought some modicum of sanity and freedom to an otherwise democratically insane and wildly oppressed world.

And then there is that loving warm hearted Black Panther group.