VOTER FRAUD ALERT: 15 Missouri counties have more voters than population

Posted on October 30, 2010 by


Pamela Geller –  This is egregious, illegal and contemptuous of the rule of law. If something is not done in this Democrat illegal coup on our republic, millions will march on Washington.

This is a call to action — that means you and your loved ones:

Fifteen Missouri counties have more voters than census population Missouri Watchdog (hat tip Laura)

Missouri has about 90.3 percent of its census voting-age population registered to vote, but 15 counties show more registered voters than people 18 and older.

Missouri counties with more than 100 percent voter registration (in red)  

These results use the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Missouri Secretary of State, but 12 of these counties also had more than 100 percent registration in 2008.

These numbers may be high but are an improvement after a federal lawsuit in 2005 found 37 Missouri election jurisdictions had more voters than voting age population.

An article in the Kansas City Star in October 2004 said “If Missouri’s voter rolls are accurate, that would mean that 98 percent of adults are registered to vote .”  But the lawsuit was dropped in 2009.