Merkel Hints; Germany may return to National Socialism

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This is not good news. If Germany backs out of the EU that is the first major step towards National Socialism, We would once again see a NAZI GERMANY.Photograph: Olivier Hoslet/EPA

Angela Merkel at the EU summit on 28 October. According to witnesses, during an discussion with the Greek prime minister at dinner, she said: “If this is the sort of club the euro is becoming, perhaps Germany should leave.”

The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has warned for the first time that her country could abandon the euro if she fails in her contested campaign to establish a new regime for the single currency, the Guardian has learned. Source:

Jump to 5:30 Seconds in the following video;

So the people of Germany prodded by Union leaders will rise up and force Merkel to take action.  The world will once again see what our parents and grand parents fought to stop in World War II.   National Socialism, a new Nazi Germany.  What you realy need to ask yourself is can the level of Nazi fascism seen in Germany get a foothold in America?  Would it use the UNIONS to grow its membership?  The answer is a resounding yes.

American Labor Party Logo

We already have in our midst the National Socialist that formed the American Labor Party, ALP.  They are watching what is going on in Germany very close and are determined to make changes in the United States that filter into what Germany is doing and has done.  Unions always seem to be in the fore-front of national disasters.  More often than not the Unions are the parasite that create the riots and destabilization through promises packed on the backs of corporations and governments that are both unrealistic and unsustainable even in the short term.

Well America we have our own leader now that is a Union Thug. Obama is as big a Union Thug as is Richard Trumpka or Andy Stern.

Unions eventually destroy the corporations they claim to protect the employees from and then the nation begins to suffer.  What is so catastrophically different this time is the Unions have done it to the whole world.