George Soros Predicts a Dictatorship for America as Oil is forecast to rise over $100 per barrel

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And you thought
it could never happen in America?

George Soros while staking another blatant stab, {literal} at Fox News, Glenn Beck and FREEDOM in America predicted that if we continue to question our Government , a right not only defended in our constitution but mandated in order to maintain a balance between the 3 powers that are our republic. The Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches.

Currently the Executive branch has taken a Jekyll & Hyde approach to governing the American People. We see this in public display of rethoric but the real MONSTER is what is pushing us over the edge to destruction with uber progressive liberal policy. Policies designed to push us right into the arms of a… yes Dictatorship… yes under the same afore mentioned MONSTER, Obama.

Billionaire investor and philanthropist George Soros warned tonight in New York that the combination of Fox News, Glenn Beck, The Tea Party, and the ability of Americans to fantasize unrealistically about their political system might lead “this open society to be on the verge of some dictatorial democracy.”

And to top it all off we have the economic catalyst to start the downward spiral starting itself right now at your local gas station, Race-Track or EZ-Fill, anywhere you purchase your petrol!  Bend over America.  OPEC has an economic enema for you and it i$ going to clean you out.

For the first time in two years, oil bulls are starting to outnumber bears.

The bulls’ push comes as the oil market is experiencing a “demand shock”, with consumption growth this year accelerating to almost its highest rate in 30 years.

This unexpected boom in demand has lifted benchmark oil prices sharply higher, to a 26-month high of more than $90 a barrel on Tuesday. Some traders believe the market could jump to $100 within weeks. Source:

But do not fret America the Government that is always so honest iwth its citizens has predicted that crude oil price per barrel will not go over $84.00 in 2010 and at the most $89.00 in 2011.

EIA expects the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil to average about $84 per barrel this winter (October 1 to March 31), more than $6 higher than the average price last winter. Projected WTI prices rise to $89 per barrel by the end of 2011, a $2 per barrel increase from last month’s Outlook, as U.S. and global economic conditions improve.

It is already happening and you are going to start seeing a SHARP rise in food cost associated with the cost of transportation and distribution of it as fuel cost continue to rise. Don’t be surprised to see gas at the pump back at $4.00 or we may even see it go to between $5.50 and $7.00 a gallon before the spring thaw in 2011. This would force a dramatic rise in the cost of everyday staple goods, particularly items using wheat, flour, corn, soy and most meats.  Not to mention the financially catastrophic effect this would have on those that heat their homes with oil furnaces in the North….. predominantly Obama voters.

America is looking at dire times and we should be getting prepared for the worst and praying we are wrong about this foretold outcome. At least if we are wrong we will have something to celebrate about. But, what if we are right, what if the dollar crashes and the economy collapses?  Will you be able to feed your family? ….. How do you want to face it if it happens? With open eyes and prepared for he assault or asleep and totally taken up and ground into the new Marxist states of Amerika? Forced to comply with Federal Military authorities under martial law.

Oh do not think for a moment its never going to happen in America. It can and under President Obama it more likely will than not. We are being threatened with a dictatorship from the man that pulls Obama’s purse strings. The global Puppet master himself, George Soros.

Only those prepared to withstand an extended Martial Law lock-down and starve-out will survive this tyranny being placed on the backs of the American people.