Florida cold snap will likely drive food prices even higher.

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Florida Declares Emergency
as Cold Weather Threatens Crops

With an oncoming unstoppable international food shortage already predicted by the United Nations this year we can lump another frozen harvest of Florida crops to the mix of shorted food supplies.  This will indeed put more pressure on the cost of food at the market place where we all get to pay the piper.  Perhaps America should worry about starving Americans first and stop shipping our food stores overseas until we have taken care of our problems here at home.

If the rest of the world is starving that bad they can get to America very easy, just cross our Southern Border and it free food, schools, health care and housing a plenty! Just Ask Obama!.

Freezing Temps Threaten Florida Crops

A very cold air mass coming into the eastern half of the country will move south into Florida, plunging night time temperatures below freezing Monday and Tuesday nights.

Farmers in Florida will have to take measures to protect vulnerable fruit and vegetable crops from the cold. The critical temperature for citrus is 28 F or lower and the critical temperature for vegetables is 32 F or lower, according to AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist, Dale Mohler.

“There will be two cold nights but Monday night will be the coldest,” Mohler said. “The temperatures Monday night will be 24 to 30 degrees, and the temperatures Tuesday night will be 25-32 degrees.” Source : accuweather.com

So hang on and stock up America. You do not want to be left out in the cold with no food.

“The coldest night is actually tonight,” said Jason Nicholls, a senior meteorologist at AccuWeather. “There could be light damage” to oranges, he said. “The bigger problem will be for vegetables and strawberries.

“Florida is expected to produce 143 million boxes of oranges in the harvest that started in October and will run into July. In October, the crop was estimated at 146 million boxes.

The destruction of crops threatens Florida with a “major disaster,” Gov. Charlie Crist said in a statement. Some areas may be subject to freezes through Dec. 15.