Tax Cuts….. I mean existing Tax Rates Move Forward In Senate

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TAX CUTS???? Nice try.   These are EXISTING TAX RATES. SPIN IT Huffington Blow, Spin it your way. LIARS! I just do not know how you libterds keep ingesting the poison printed in this “Left of Europe” anti-Ameri­can propaganda mouthpiece Huffington Blow!

It is pre-packag­ed for the sheeple White House propaganda crap sanctioned by Obama the Marxist and Soros the great funder of anti-Ameri­can socialist programs and corrupted government administra­tions.

Hey I have an idea…..l­ets keep paying people to NOT work also. 3 years with out a job… good luck EVER getting one again, particular­ly one that you are QUALIFIED for… still.
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