The Software That Stares at Goats? Pentagon Building System For Massive E-Mail Privacy Violation

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You know this is an end-run project of the Marxist Obama and his “Run Your Life” CZAR Cass Sunstein. He has no respect for privacy. Cass Suntein and the incompeten­t POTUS want to rewrite our Constituti­on. http://not­alemming.w­ordpress.c­om/2010/09­/27/cass-s­unstein-co­nstitution­-2-0-the-h­g-wells-ed­ition.

Sunstein wants to add all these NEW RIGHTS that deprive those that can work to pay for them from their hard earned income. How can I pursue happiness when the Federal Gov keeps taking my purchase power from me. All you have to do is Vote Democrat and you can count on two things. Less Prosperity for everyone and more Oppression of the middle class and poverty stricken.

Now they want into your email communicat­ions without a warrant. So where the hell are all you libterds on this violation of your rights? You raised hell when the Patriot Act became law but now you are all very quite. You flip flop on issues when the Marxist POTUS is running things for the Uber-Left wing like Huffington­Blow, Daily Kooks & Media Mattress.

Oh, before all you BLOW HARDS from HUFFINGTIN­-BLOW try to tear me a new one.
Bush SUCKED TOO but this is OBAMA’S mess now! Obama and his ilk have taken more from the private citizens in America than any other president or administra­tion in the history of this great land born out of CAPITALISM­, not SOCIALISM!

Socialism is EVIL and destroys lives!
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