Green Jobs in America, How many do you see?

Posted on December 26, 2010 by


First lets listen to what Pheadara Ellis-Lamkins has to say about Green Jobs in America.  Pheadara is the CEO of  She was put in this position by none other than the publicly avowed Communist, Van Jones.

Van Jones and his ilk like John Kerryless, Barbless Boxer, Nasty Pelosi and even Lindsey GrAmnesty have been pushing this green agenda for many years now.  I wonder how well the Green jobs growth is looking in the Green Industry.  Lets have a look at a few hundred thousand of these employment opportunities and perhaps get an idea of how many and just what type of Green Jobs might be available across our VAST country.

So lets see what Waxmans Green Jobs bill has done for America so far

Currently shows it has 23 jobs available in the Solar industry jobs located across America.  Wow 23 Jobs… lets look further, surely this isa fluke number, it is too low, it most certainly cannot be typical of Green employment across America.

Lets jump over to the other side of the Green coin, Wind Energy. has on its jobs page a massive 144 current job openings across America as well.  WOW! 144 Jobs open!

Holy Crap n Trade  Batman thats 167 Green Jobs so far!  Lets look for more! as of this articles posting showed 97 job openings in the Green industry.  Not sure if any of these are cross posted with the and sites or not.  But I can tell you that these 97 jobs are across BioFuel, Wind, Solar and Geothermal.

Well melt my ice cap Tonto, thats 274 Green Jobs that are currently available across the USA.  This should put a BIG no HUGE no no GINORMOUS dent in our current 9.8% unemployment rate we now see under the leadership of our now retired, (thank God) 111th Congress and its Marxist Master Obama!  Ah, true leaders in our time.

Perhaps we should withhold judgment a bit.  We still have not looked at, The end-all be-all of job sites.  Lets see now, has 220 Green Jobs posted in the wind energy section.  Lets have a peak at the Solar side….. Holy Green House Gas Mr. Gore. list 82 Solar Jobs.  SMOKIN!!!  Ok, now lets look at the newest trend, Bio-Fuels.  Looks like Monster has a whopping 2 Bio Fuel jobs listed and they are peculating another 34 Geothermal Jobs.

So lets do some simple jobs math here for abit before we continue.   This is a must in a world were trillion is the new million.  We do not want to get so many zeros in our Green Jobs equation that we cannot add them all up.

So from our previous searches we see that 274 Green Jobs available from sites prior to our search.  Lets add the Monster results to this and we should be able to eliminate the unemployment in America.  Yep… thats got it.  Look out Spain here we come!

So 274 + 220 + 82 +2 + 34 = 612

Interesting that with all those millions of Green Jobs Van Jones talks about we can only find 612 of the ‘MILLIONS’.  Looks like this Green Jobs movement is only about one thing.  Keeping a Marxist president in office long enough to finish off the Capitalist economy that made this nation great.  I can assure you of this much,  the Green Jobs Movement”, is not about Green Jobs.