Chemtrails VS Contrail: Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s HR 2977; Names Chemtrails As An ‘Exotic Weapon’

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The Chemtrail is the long streak on the bottom is shown in this video at 2:10 seconds while the Contrail is the shorter dissipating white streak on the top of the two.  This shows one plane spraying and the other plane creating a natural vapor contrail.

Rep. Kucinich’s HR 2977

Names Chemtrails As

An ‘Exotic Weapon’

After years of denial from government, military, and environmental agencies, the reality of the controversial issue regarding the covert programs known as Chemtrails has been acknowledged.

On October 2, 2001 Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Ohio introduced H. R. 2977 during the 1st Session of the 107th Congress of the United States. The “Space Preservation Act of 2001” seeks to “preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benfit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.”

In the bill Chemtrails are listed as an “exotic weapons system”. Ironically in Section 7 – Definitions. The complete text of the bill may be found at Clifford Carnicom’s website, “Chemtrail Crimes and Coverup Documented“.


To see text of HR 2977:

Rep. Kucinich’s Bill is also listed at this US Government site:


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You still need more proof?

Posted in this story is a very interesting PDF available for download here for a 1975 U.S. Patent issued to Donald K. Werle, Romas Kasparas, Sidney Katz, assigned through the U.S. Navy, that describes a dispersion method for a “powder contrail.”

As other researchers have also pointed out, the Powder Contrail Generation patent document could be a useful clue into the true agenda and purpose of the “chemtrail” phenomenon, which is clearly tied to almost a century of man-made weather manipulation. Already, it is admitted that the government has experimented with geo-engineering, which is says would help reflect heat and combat phony global warming / climate change. Source :