CSI Broadcasts Chemtrails Propaganda: It’s Too Late, We’re Already Awake! We Know The Truth About Chemtrails–Shame On You CSI (via wire of information)

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I saw this episode. Gary Senise shocks me that he would let himself be a puppet like this.

CSI Broadcasts Chemtrails Propaganda: It's Too Late, We're Already Awake! We Know The Truth About Chemtrails--Shame On You CSI At the Wire Of Information Blog we're all about getting you information not presented to you on television by the dumstream media, and sometimes, (as is the case with the CSI clip below) information that is deliberately misconstrued, covered up, and ridiculed all in one. And placed by "sell out" writers directly into the narrative of a previously interesting weekly tv series like CSI. Seriously, is it just me? I thought the true artist's job was … Read More

via wire of information

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