Reports of particulate and fibers raining on Phoenix Arizona

Posted on January 7, 2011 by


What in the world are they spraying up there?

After 2 days of very heavy chemtrail activity in Phoenix, which caused pretty much a “whiteout” of the sky, we have a day with a blue sky and very little fake cloud/chemtrail action. What we DO have today is an incredibe amount of particulate matter and fibers flying around, and we are breathing this awful stuff, we are drinking it in the water…to find out more about the chemtrails and health effects, and what YOU can do to help, visit: and also sign up for their free newsletter. Also watch “What in the World Are They Spraying”, the link to this documentary is on my site. Its on you tube. The health effects are enornous…lung illness’ like asthma, lung cancer, chronic lung problems and morgellons disease…it is affecting all of us, down to the birds, plants, bugs. Please GET INVOLVED!!! We need all the help we can get. Source : jabberskywatcher

I took this second video and zoomed in closer to try and get a better look at the stuff that is coming down from the sky. It cannot be seen well without the sunlight’s reflecting off of them…when the sun catches these things, its amazing how much of them you can see…and it is our AIR!!!!! join and help! Learn all about chemtrails and the aerosol spray planes and how they are affecting every living thing. Source : jabberskywatcher


Another day of Chemtrails. Morning sky clear in N. Phoenix, Chem Haze could be seen on the Southern horizon and the chemtrailing started. This is my Phoenix sky today….our air quality has been poor, and particulates and fibers are raining down all day. I am documenting this as often as I can, to show that it is a persistant state of affairs in Phoenix. for more good information. Spread the news! We are being sprayed like bugs!

Just for reference this photo is of a harmless Water Vapor CONTRAIL.

This is an image of multiple Chemtrails. Notice that the "Vapor Trails" do not go away.