Obama 2012 Campaign slogan? “Together We Thrive” shirts handed out at AZ Memorial Service.

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Together We Thrive

Obama Campaign slogan for 2012 perhaps?

When was the last time you went to a memorial service that had its own theme…and t-shirts… and a wildly inappropriate theme at that: “Together We Thrive”. Michelle Malkin dubbed it a “bizarre pep rally”. I think she had it right.

‘Together We Thrive: Tucson and America’ was the theme for tonight’s memorial/presidential pep rally. Mr. President, you do realize that people died at that shopping center, right? Some were injured and traumatized and one of the dead was a nine year old girl, and you want to give a speech on “thriving”??? source : wireupdate.com

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So who paid for 14,000 shirts?  How did they get this many t-shirts silk-screened and laid out on all those chairs in 2 days notice?  How is it that this much stuff could be turned out this fast?  It does leave you wondering if some of this was not planned out for some other event.   Together we thrive, indeed.

UPDATE : Mediaite does a good job answering these questions here.  I’ll blockquote the parts that leave you saying  “hmmmmm but what about….”  My comments in red

This type of smear is nothing new, and despite the apparent absurdity of the claim, I checked with the White House, anyway. A senior administration official confirmed the widely-reported fact that the administration had nothing to do with the shirts. However we have shown in the very start of this article this slogan was used by Obama’s “Organizing For America”, OFA in 2008.

University of Arizona spokesperson Jennifer Fitzenberger told me that the shirts were, indeed, provided by the University. “The University wanted to give people something to remember that symbolized community spirit and continued the event’s positive energy into the future,” she said.

According to Fitzenberger, the shirts were designed by a University of Arizona student, (did alleged student ever work for OFA in or around 2008?) and they cost about $60,000. “The University will pay for them,” she noted. “No tuition, state allocations, tax dollars or student fees will be used.”  This is fiscally impossible.  It is a mer accounting trick, a lie, slight of hand by an accountant.  Money in equals total annual budget.  Money out = total money in and perhaps some deficit spending.  If the budget is short in one place it is going to come from somewhere else, unless your the privately owned Federal Reserve System, then you just print more.

Many have also wondered how the shirts were produced so quickly. According to Fitzenberger, “The UA BookStores made the arrangements to produce the shirts. The BookStores knew a vendor that could turn them around fast.”  That works.