“Food riots in America? You’re crazy…” via Wyatt Investment Research

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Kevin McElroy | Resource ProspectorJanuary 12, 2011 10:06am EST

  • Yes, really, food riots, here. I mean it.
  • 42 million hungry, angry Americans can’t be wrong
  • Fear is for children – grownups take action

On Monday I wrote something that caused my coworkers to look at me even more sideways than usual.

I said, “I think we can expect the words “food riot” to enter the American lexicon sometime in the next 18 months, and I don’t say that flippantly.”

Just to be clear, “lexicon” is a fancy word that means vocabulary – and “food riot” is a phrase that refers to a group of angry, hungry, violent people who destroy property because they feel (among other things) that food prices are too high.

And yes, to answer any questions from the peanut gallery in my office, I do believe we’ll see food riots in these United States of America sometime in the next year and a half.

I’m belaboring this point because I want to be crystal clear with this prediction, not because I especially like making predictions. Quite the opposite, actually – I detest making predictions because it’s so easy to be wrong on the scope, specifics, time-frame, location, etc.

In that vein, if I am wrong about this prediction, it will probably be a matter of my timing rather than anything else.

But where am I getting these crazy ideas? Let’s take a look at an interesting chart from the folks over at shtfplan.com:

This chart shows us that food stamp participation has risen sharply – with no signs of slowing since early 2008. Currently, over 42 million Americans rely on food stamps – or 1/7th of the entire population.  Read More via Wyatt Investment Research.