World’s freest economy does not exist in the Land of the Free (via)

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Hong Kong has been recognized the world leader in the field of economic freedom for the 17th time in a row. According to the research conducted by Heritage Foundation, Hong Kong received 89.7 of 100 points on the economic freedom index. The average global index makes up 59.7 points.

“Hong Kong, one of the world’s most competitive financial and business centers, demonstrated a high degree of resilience during the global financial crisis,” the report said.

The research embraced 183 countries. The USA takes the modest ninth place on the list of the countries that scored most in terms of economic freedom. The UK did not even make it in the top ten, having dropped from the 11th to the 16th position.

Russia takes the 143rd place on the list. Russia can find a consolation in the fact that it is followed by Zimbabwe, which took the 178th place, and North Korea, which “prestigiously” takes the fourth place from the bottom of the list.

Nowadays, Hong Kong receives billions of dollars of investments through the stock market, the private equity, commercial transactions, large-scale investment projects, etc. What makes Hong Kong so attractive to foreign investors?

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By Ivan Tulyakov