DHS Black Helicopters watching over ICE Raids

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Those Pesky Black Helicopters

WSBTV is reporting that BLACK HELICOPTERS where assisting ICE in drug raids in Atlanta Georgia.  So if you see one of these profiling your moves beware!  You could be payed a visit from one of Obama’s Drones one day.  And rest assured a BLACK HELICOPTER will record the event for a WikiLeaks future release motion Picture.  Welcome to 1984.

Now all we need to know is why are Federal Police DHS and ICE getting involved?  If its got to be a Federal Case why is not being handled by the DEA? Are we now being policed by a Federal Army on our city streets?  This is actually getting very dangerous for Freedom and Liberty in America, what is still left of it that is.

Homeland Security or The Atlanta Georgia Federal Police? .............CLICK THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE

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