Mexico’s attempt to label GM foods struck down in House of Representatives

Posted on January 23, 2011 by


By; Cesar Aguilar

The PVEM, (Environmentalist Green Party of Mexico) in the House of Representatives introduced an initiative to reform the Federal Law of Consumer Protection, to the food of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have a clear and truthful labeling and enables buyers to decide whether to consume or not .

The proposal was based on the uncertainty that exists about the safety oh GMO’s to human health and the environment.

The document submitted by the members of the PVEM party, Lorena Corona and Alejandro Carabias, seeks to amend Article 19 of that law, which underscore that GMOs, also called transgenics, are living “manufactured” with innovative features and functions.

The amendment, pointed out that there is ignorance and uncertainty about the affects of GMOs and their safety in the health of consumers and the environment, therefore the use of GMOs should follow the precautionary principle, particularly in the food industry, whose products are directly consumed and are necessary for the entire population.

The initiative states that opponents to the labeling of GM foods argue that it could misinform consumers and create unnecessary fears.

Members stated that the Law on Biosafety of GMOs indicates that products should ensure explicit reference point in the information label nutritional composition or nutritional properties.

In this vein, the deputies said that the regulation does not apply, which favors the discretion on the label and thus do not allow that consumers are fully informed about product content.   Source :