Glenn Beck! Your Readers want to know!… Wiki Tiki 40 Politicians….

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A story featured on yesterday lead a small trickle of traffic to my blog post about a Wiki Leaks Story concerning Slush funds possibly held in secret accounts in a Vatican bank under the name of the US Treasury. The link to my story was posted as part of a readers reply-post on a story about Mark Wiener of the now infamous website that details the story of an American Zero.

The image shown below shows two sources for incoming traffic. Theblaze and TheBlaze is Becks News website that dares to report news that leans towards the truth as opposed to the news the ‘Lame Stream Media’ feeds you from the lefts predefined POTUS approved propaganda talking points. provides the software that is GlennBecks “TheFeed” on his “Insider Extreme”. This is were the bees gather to learn about their next mission in salvagig he Republic.

Incoming request from GlennBecks web sites

To find out what this is all about read the

So how about it Glenn? Are you going to cover this story?

Here are some other stories that NotaLemming broke before GlennBeck OR TheBlaze did.

Joel Rogers explains the Carbon Trading scam
Cloward and Piven – ‘It is ok to use violence as long as it is a BIG part of your strategy’
Cass Sunstein ~ Capitalism vs Socialism
Cass Sunstein – Most Conservatives view of the Constitution Requires a Time Machine.
Bill Maher calls Americans stupid on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien