Revolution by Internet

Posted on January 27, 2011 by


Egyptians began their protests online and then added hard tactics on the ground in an effort to bring down a crushingly effective police state.

Basem Fathi, an organizer of Monday’s protests in Cairo, was scrambling around the capital, trying to buy towels and tents. On a day in which tens of thousands of people thronged the streets in the type of large-scale protests that authoritarian Egypt hasn’t seen in decades, demonstrators had occupied the central Tahrir Square, where they had the Parliament building surrounded. Now they looked ready to stay the night. Fathi seemed taken aback by the success. “We didn’t have a boss for this, but the heads of the protest are trying to supply some logistics,” he said. He added that he had no idea what came next. “Nobody knows. But at least people are starting to believe that they can do something—and not just today.”

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