Signs of civil unrest and brazen lawlessness in Boston

Posted on January 28, 2011 by


Social Justice administered with a baseball bat

As we move forward into 2011 we are seeing an ever increasing breakdown in social behavior.  This is being seen with a simple glance at any news source, Ok it can be seen from Right wing bloggers, (Right = Correct) and from reporting sources found on, and a few others like, but you can see, I did not point to state run media MSLSD or its parent corp NBC aka GE.  The fact they are state run was VALIDATED when NBC took tarp bailout money.

These are our streets America.  DO NOT ASK GOVERNMENT TO FIX IT!  And we must, not ourselves use a bat or gun but with our human nature we must fix this.  We need to act like we are all civilized.  The thugs in the video shown above may one day be the person that kills your local police officer or even you, your wife, your children.  We can only fix this from within ourselves.  The video below is one that shows where these thugs are headed.  What we are in for if this behavior continues.  And America, that behavior in the above video is not politically motivated.