Nile TV reporter, ‘I resigned because it is being used as a propaganda machine’

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But Who’s ‘Propaganda Machine’ is it really?

Shahira Amin resigned from Nile TV because of their coverage of the protests – she spoke live to Al Jazeera. She was the deputy head of the station.

(NBC) On Thursday, a broadcaster on state-controlled Nile TV, Shahira Amin, said she had resigned because it was being used as a “propaganda machine.”

“I am not going to feed the public lies,” she told Al-Jazeera. “They are not showing what’s happening in Tahrir Square. People are dying here, everything is distorted.”


What Propaganda?  You will see No influence here.
Just keep moving.

The U.S. has a large assistance program in Egypt and provides funding for a variety of programs. Through its Human and Economic Sector Development cash transfer program, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is supporting benchmarks that aim to stimulate the small and microenterprise sectors, improve budget transparency to increase macroeconomic stability, and improve the trade regime and business climate. To support the Middle East peace process through regional economic integration, the United States permits products to be imported from Egypt without tariffs if they have been produced by factories registered in Qualified Industrial Zones and 10.5% of the inputs of these products originate from Israel.

Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) is the state-run entity that controls Egyptian TV (ETV), Nile TV, and Nile News, as well as the specialized channels (7 channels, including sports, culture, comedy, and children’s programming) and most radio frequencies in Egypt. Source :